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The Cheapest Multi Tool On The Market, The Genesis GMT15A Review.

The Cheapest Multi Tool On The Market, The Genesis GMT15A Review.

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Oscillating multi tools, also known as just multi tools, are a versatile piece of hardware that can undertake a variety of tasks such as cutting, sawing, polishing, scraping, grinding and sanding. The tool contains a small but fast vibrator that powers a variety of accessories facilitating such tasks.


Main Components

The main components of a standard multi function tool are a power source with switch, the motor, a gearbox for transmission, a speed control dial, a casing to protect the internal components, a handle and a dust extraction port. The most common accessories are

  1. Saw blades for sawing
  2. Scrapper blades for scrapping
  3. Diamond saw blades to remove grout and mortar and for grinding or cutting
  4. Hook and loop sanding pads for sanding or scraping


The Genesis GMT15A is a standard multi tool, best suited for repairing, remodeeling or restoring houses. It is a must have utility tool for both professional home repairers and DIY enthusiasts.

Now lets take a look at it in action:

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Make and Design of Genesis GMT15A Multi Tool

The GMT15A scores in its look and appearance.

The die-cast aluminum make provides the tool with a solid look and feel. The aluminum also makes the tool extremely light weight, with the total weight of the tool being four pounds. Apart from this, the aluminum also improves heat dissipation and thereby increases service life.

Design wise, a four-pin flange construction helps in fitting the accessories tightly and securely, making the tools safe to use for even the most novice of users.


Power - The GMT15A motor is 1.5 amps and 120 volts.The electric supply is through a cord. The increased convenience of some cordless multi tools come with reduced power.

The machine is capable of 21000 oscillations per minute, which means that it is capable of performing the task fast. The unique oscillating head allows completion of the tasks easily and efficiently.


GMT15A is suited for all the common functions usually associated with a multifunction tool.

The accessories that come with Genesis GMT15A include a 3″ blade capable of working on wood and dry walls, a 3-inch Delta hook and loop pad for sanding, a rigid scraping blade, sand paper, a 30 mm Ecut blade, and an Allen wrench. This tool and the accompanying accessories does away with the need for specialized tools such as close-quarters saw, detail sanders, drywall cut-out tools, power scraper and grout removers.

The 30mm saw blade for flush cut allows making precision cuts at edges and tight corners not normally accessible by other tools. This makes this tool handy for tasks such as trimming narrow door jambs and base molding.

The 3″ blade woerks perfectly in wood, dry wall and even plastic. The range of possibilities are endless extending from making a cutting to fit in a electrical socket, making a flush cut for a pipe, to chisel out door hinges, to trim door jambs or cabinets during installation or for anything else.


The scraper blade facilitates makes the otherwise arduous task of removing vinyl on floors easy. It also finds good use to remove paint layers or adhesive and glue sticks that refuse to go away.

The sanding pad allows the tool to be used for all possibledry sanding works on plastic, wood or metal surfaces.

GMT15A also allows attaching flexible scraper blades, though such accessories are not included in the original package.

Although the product does support accessories of third party

manufacturers, especially Bosch and Versa, Genesis recommends using only Genesis accessories. In any case, the use of third party accessories may void the warranty.


Price and Warranty

Price is a big USP of GMT15A. This price starts at just $35, a significant discount to other branded multi tools that offer more or less the same functionality.

The product comes with a two-year warranty and customer support.

On comparing Genesis GMT15A with other multi purpose tools, the product ranks very high both in features and utility apart from price.While other high end models may score on a range of enhanced options such as more number of accessories, a jigzaw head and other features, GMT15A caters to all the basic requirements at a very low price.

The low price that comes without sacrificing quality and versatility makes GMT15A multi purpose tool a value buy for anyone undertaking home repair or restoration or even as a general utility DIY tool.

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